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Tips For Removing Black Streaks and Stains - Roof Cleaning

Remove Black Streaks and Stains From Your Roof Is the roof of your house covered with unsightly black streaks or stains? If so, you should know that the black stains you see are not due to your shingles aging or becoming worn. The streaks are actually a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma, which feeds on the crushed limestone commonly used for making asphalt shingles.

The good news is it can be cleaned away without a huge expense. The main things required for removing roof algae are the proper cleaners, power washing equipment and the knowledge of how to use the cleaners and equipment properly so you don't damage your roof shingles or even worse, your ceilings, walls or even your flooring.

Now let's discuss doing the work properly. First you need to select a good cleaning agent designed for the removal of algae and preferably, an environmentally friendly cleaner that won't damage your lawn or the environment. You should also know that a high pressure power washer is not needed. A low pressure washer available at your local home improvement store will work just fine as long as it's adjustable.

You should start by covering the roof with the cleaner and never walk across areas that have cleaners applied to prevent slipping. Also, don't spray too large of an area at once. Read the instructions of the cleaner carefully and only cover what you can rinse away in the allotted for that cleaner and always use safety devices.

Now rinse the cleaner as directed in the instructions. Make sure you always spray water from the peak of the roof downward. Spraying water upward or across a roof could lead to water damage from water being driven or pushed under the shingles.

Keep the tip of the wand several feet away from the roof shingles. Pressure should be adjusted as low as possible when starting and only increase pressure for stubborn areas or to be safe, reapply the cleaner to badly infected areas and re-rinse.

If this tip for removing black streaks and roof stains has been useful for you, make sure to check back soon for more tips and advice on power washing and cleaning the exterior of your home, decks, sidewalks and much more.

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