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Cleaning Tips - Deck Restoration

Wood Deck Cleaning Tips, Wood Restoration, Power Washing

Learn How To Do Wood Restoration and Proper Deck Cleaning

Taking on the task of restoring a wood deck is not something the average home owner should tackle unless he or she has some prior experience working with wood stains & sealers along with using pressure washers on wood surfaces. Decks and other wood structures can be severely damaged by power washers so if you are going to attempt this yourself, test your water pressure on a scrap piece of wood first.

As with any other type of power washing job, you need to make sure you have a good pressure washer and use only professional grade deck cleaning products and wood sealers / stains. Most of these products can be purchased at your local home improvement center, including a quality pressure washer. Make sure you ask for the advise of a specialist in the store if one is available or research online before buying.

Once you have the proper cleaning equipment, deck cleaner and wood sealer, it is time to get to work. Start by removing everything from your deck so you can clean the entire surface and apply the deck cleaning solution as directed in the instructions. Some areas may need to be scrubbed with a medium to hard brush to remove tough stains. The instructions for the cleaner should give you an approximate time to wait before rinsing. Once it's time to rinse, start at one end of the deck and work your way across and remember not to get too close to the wood with the tip of the wand.

Rinse the deck thoroughly and allow it to dry before applying the wood sealer. It is very important for you to read and follow the instructions for the wood sealer you purchased. Failure to apply the sealer as directed could lead to disaster and ruin the deck permanently! You may want to consider hiring a Power Washing Contractor.

If this tip for cleaning and restoring a wood deck has been useful for you, make sure to check back soon for more tips and advice on power washing and cleaning the exterior of your home, decks, sidewalks and much more.

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